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Beauhawk Offers Classy Ties for Classy Guys (And Gals)

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You may be able to buy a tie at any department store in the area, but Beauhawk, a tenant of the Runway fashion incubator, offers a new twist on a…


Our Own Products Says “No Sweat” To Physical and Stressful Careers

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Men and women work hard to pursue their passions everyday. Whether they are in physically demanding jobs, pursue active hobbies, or face mental and emotional stress on a daily basis,…


For Life’s Overwhelming Tasks, Don’t Worry…Just Ask

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From picking up dry cleaning for busy professionals, to helping a terminal patient’s family with day-to-day tasks, Just Ask provides basic concierge services along with peace of mind. The range…


Jurymind Moves the Weight of Jury Duty From Your Mind Into Your Phone

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Let’s face it, doing your civic duty can be a pain. When it’s your turn to report for jury duty, it’s not always easy to remember to call, to remember…


How to Find a Co-Founder

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If entrepreneurs want to increase the chances their startups succeed, they need a co-founder. In many ways finding a co-founder is the startup founder’s first pitch (and sale). Not being…


Why You Need a Co-Founder

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Building a startup requires a lot of hard work. Having a solid co-founder radically improves the chance that your startup will succeed. Here are four ways a co-founder can help…


Five Things We Entrepreneurs can Learn from our Veterans

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Each day, when we turn on the news, we hear stories of veterans’ valor, sacrifice, and heroism. The men and women who defend our nation – and our freedom –…


Snyder vs. Schauer: Your Vote, Our Future!

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Michigan Gubernatorial elections are often treated as Division II college football, meaning – it simply fails to ‘invade’ our Facebook updates, Tweeter feeds, and social media gossip threads. We don’t…