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Startup Spotlight: Courseweaver

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Courseweaver is in the process of raising a $4 million dollar round. With that, they plan to revolutionize the world of education. Their new system is a cloud-based class, homework…


Startup Spotlight: HireTide

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We’ve all been through the frustrating and tedious process of applying to job after job and never even knowing whether the application was received. HireTide wants to eliminate that frustration….


Startup Spotlight: Tech Twurl

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Have an old cellphone taking up space? Need some extra cash? Tech Twurl can help you solve both those problems. It’s simple, quick and turns your old electronics into cash….


Startup Spotlight: Health Numeric

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Nevin Brittain, founder of Health Numeric, was named Innovator of the Year at Launched last December. A cursory glance at his company, Health Numeric, and it’s easy to see why….


Why Business Plans are a Waste of Time

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Why Business Plans are a Waste of Time for Startups Oftentimes when I meet with entrepreneurs, I am presented with long business plans replete with market analysis, pro formas, competitive…


Startup School: Go Niche or Go Home

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Last week, I shared seven questions to help startups with their customer segmentation strategy. As you’ve probably realized by now, even your initial market can be further segmented into even…


Startup School: Seven Questions to Help Startups Successfully Segment Their Customers

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One of the most common challenges I see with new entrepreneurs is their inability to correctly define an initial market entry point for their business. More often than not, they’ll…


What is a Startup?

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Startups are all the rage. And they should be. As the global economy continues to shift, startups are often at the forefront, pushing the envelope, and generating the next wave…