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You Drink. Driver on Tap Will Drive (Your Car).

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Drinking and driving is a dangerous, expensive, and overwhelming problem in Michigan. Driver on Tap, a new startup based out of MSU’s Hatch, intends to fight it. A novel rideshare…


This Life-Saving Startup Is At Your Finger (Well, Thumb) Tips

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Distracted driving is a huge problem that endangers lives. We’ve all done it, and we know we shouldn’t (When was the last time you checked Facebook, sent a Tweet, or…


Moving is the Worst. MIMO Does it for a Good Cause

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It’s almost September. Time for football, back to school and, if you’re a student, moving in and out of dorms. Which means lots of trips to Meijer. Unless, of course,…


Favorite lunch spot doesn’t deliver? Lucky for you, Deliver Anything Now does.

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We’ve all felt like there’s just not enough time in the day to do things we want or need to do. After a hectic day, it’s not always possible to…

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No Customers? No Business. Use This Program, Get Customers.

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Most startups die because they can’t get customer traction. A program through the University of Michigan helps reduce that probability by helping companies identify their most likely first customer through…


Show Me the Money: Business Accelerator Fund

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The Business Accelerator Fund provides the capital early stage startups in Michigan need to contract services that will help them get started. Managed by the Michigan Small Business & Technology…


Startup School: Determining the Total Addressable Market for Your Startup

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In our previous articles, we’ve spent some time defining your initial market and end user profile. It was important to do this first because it gives you enough specificity to…


Show Me the Money: Where to Get Funding for your Startup in Lansing

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The number one question we get from startups is, “how do I get funded?!” In general, we’re strong supporters of fundraising on the back of customer letters of intent, followed…