A Year of Hatchings Leads to The Finale

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The Hatching had a pretty great year this year. They started out at Beggar’s Banquet, outgrew it, and moved on to Dublin Square. They gave away amazing prizes to some awesome businesses. They hosted musicians, fencers, gamers, bakers and app makers and basically rocked the startup community.

And now, as we get ready to wrap up 2015, the Hatching prepares for their final event of the year, Hatched. The winners from the past year will pitch their ideas for the chance to win a grand prize of  $10K!

Before you head out to Hatched (on December 9th at the UClub of MSU) check out the winners from the year and get a recap of each Hatching event. Be there, and be prepared.



Clean Case brings sterile, mobile technology into the operating room. Check out their Spotlight. 

Get January’s Recap Here 



Brew Export wants to help local, craft brewers take their product across the globe. Learn more about them in their Spotlight. 

Get February’s Recap Here



Safety Sit is a medical device used to support patients during physical therapy. Read more about them here. 

Get March’s Recap Here



Scratchx is a bracelet designed to eliminate some of the effects of OCD conditions, particularly scratching. Read more about them here. 

Get April’s Recap Here



Spray N Play wants to create a way to let you play with your Lego creations longer. See their Spotlight here. 

Get May’s Recap Here



Cutting the Cable wants to offer affordable scoring equipment to both amateur and professional fencing fanatics. Check out their Spotlight. 

Get June’s Recap Here



Legacy Shave has created a brush that takes the hassle and pain out of shaving. See their Spotlight to learn more.

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Jim Nugent Instrument Works aims to minimize rare resource consumption by making instruments out of sustainable materials. Read more in their Spotlight.

Get August’s Recap Here



The AddMe app makes it possible to add one person across multiple social media channels at one time. Find out more in their Spotlight.

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Sweet Encounter offers gluten free snacks and goodies to those food allergies. See their Spotlight.

Get October’s Recap Here



Poker Face is a mature game that dares players not to laugh (or face the consequences). Read their Spotlight. 

Get November’s Recap Here




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