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Meeting people is no longer as simple as exchanging a phone number or email. Truly making the most out of a connection can often mean searching for them across multiple social networks, sometimes with little success. 

September’s Hatching winner, AddMe, noticed there are multiple ways to connect with someone online, but right now there is only one way to do it. Go into each account, individually, and search for that person. AddMe wants to change that. The app would make it possible to add one person, across multiple social networks, at one time.


Matt Carroll

Jae Bass

TK Kubvoruno

The Problem Being Solved

AddMe wants to solve the problem of overall connectivity when it comes to social media platforms. “We are creating an app that will allow you to quickly and easily add somebody on all of their platforms,” says Matt. They want to eliminate the need to search for people on each every platform.

Where the Idea Came From

An experience trying to make a connection at a convention gave Matt the idea for AddMe. “I spent 10 minutes trying to get connected with an Australian guy on all of our social media accounts and our contact info. I felt like my life was wasted and that there had to be an easier way.”

“But,” he adds, “You don’t have a business until you have a customer and the day I had somebody tell me they would pay for the service was the day I had a business.”

Exciting opportunities

While Matt does worry about the competitive nature of the app industry, which, he says leaves little room for slipping up, he sees a great opportunity to be a strong social media influence within their network. He’s excited about the viral growth hacking strategy they plan on implementing and about bringing value to friends, family and the rest of the world.

Target Customer

Social media Influencers

Biggest Challenge

Matt’s biggest challenge so far has been learning all the things it takes to get a business off the ground. But, he’s continuously chugging away, surrounding himself with the people who have already been there.



AddMe wins $1,000 at The Hatching

Matt was surprised to learn how much money is out there in the social media advertising world. “Wow,” he says, “there are some big numbers out there.” 


AddMe is focusing on pitch competitions (like The Hatching) at the moment, looking to win as many as possible in order to gain some traction and leverage with future investors. “I plan on pitching to friends and family soon,” says Matt.

The Future

In three years, Matt would like to see AddMe as one of the giants. “I would like AddMe to be as well known as Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook.”

In five years, he says, “I just pray that I have made it and have inspired the people around me to work harder and find their passion.”


Just do it,” says Matt to new entrepreneurs. “If you have a good idea start doing it and believe that you can.”  

He also highly recommends getting involved with an organization like the Hatch or any entrepreneurial incubator.



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