Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs Launch Indeigogo Campaign

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Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs Launch an Indiegogo Campaign

Retro Recreations hopes to continue revolutionizing the knitting industry with a crowd funding campaign

LANSING, April 20, 2016—Let us first address the fact that we are not your typical twenty-something entrepreneur. As four friends and baby boomers, firmly believe there is no age limit when it comes to pursuing your dreams. But, we have to be honest with you; we didn’t pioneer the idea of an I-cord knitter.

In fact, we weren’t even around when a machine called “The Hobby Knit” was introduced in 1947. Utilizing four needles and a hand crank mechanism, The Hobby Knit could effortlessly knit I-cord with the simple turn of its crank.

This was an impressive solution for a knitting technique that could originally only be done by hand. However, the machine only remained in production for a few years before it was no longer sold, which means finding one with all of its parts and in proper working condition nowadays is a rarity. Once again, crafters and knitters alike were subjected to knitting I-cord by hand. And that’s when we asked ourselves, what if they didn’t have to? Thus, the I-Cord EZ Knitter was born. While our company has reached many huge milestones within the last two years, there is so much more to be done.

So, We are launching an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign in order to defray various start-up costs and make the continued production of the I-Cord EZ Knitter (an i-cord knitting machine revolutionizing the knitting community) possible.


– The campaign officially launches April 27, 2016 – Our goal is to raise $25,000

– The money will be used to defray various start-up costs (Mainly production, and fees associated with obtaining a final patent)

– We will be hosting a launch party at For Crepe Sake in downtown Lansing, MI, April 27, 2016 from 7-8:30 PM.

– Those who wish to donate will be eligible for some sweet perks!


Our Launch Party Facebook Event

Our campaign video

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