Entrepreneur Books- The Reviews of 2015

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If you are still searching for the best gift ideas for any entrepreneurs you may know (even after reading our post about it!) maybe this will help.

If you don’t want to give gadgets and gizmos (or whozits and whatzits) try giving the gift of knowledge. Throughout the year, our friend Terence O’ Neil, the Entrepreneurship Librarian at MSU, has been reviewing his favorite entrepreneur books and sharing those reviews with us.

From selling yourself and your brand, to designing your own Silicon Valley, these are the books your entrepreneur will want in their lives.

The Rainforest Blueprint

Venture Capitalist, consultant, and entrepreneur Victor Hwang has put together a book for developing complex, dynamic organizations and groups of organizations that encourage innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Rainforest Final

 The Hard Thing About Hard Things

In The Hard Thing About Hard Things, author Ben Horowitz isn’t out to tell people how to spot hot technology companies, but rather how to grow them while not losing your mind or your business in the process.

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The End of Power

Charismatic faiths. Startups. Terrorism. The Tea Party. In this book, Moises Naim studies these seemingly disconnected topics and weaves them together into the argument that in every type of organization, keeping and enacting power is more difficult than ever before.

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End of Power

Setting the Table

In Setting the Table, Danny Meyer distills decades of restaurant-opening experience into a quick-read that stands as a favorite for hospitality, but also for people that interface with the public or clients in their regular work.

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Still at a loss?

We’ve got the The Four Books Every Startup Founder Should Own



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