Four Regional Business Incubators receive Funding from LEAP

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                   December 22, 2015

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Four Regional Business Incubators receive Funding from LEAP
$20,000 granted to regional incubators in support of business startup programming

LANSING, MI – Today it was announced that four of the Lansing region’s business incubators will receive grant funding from LEAP’s New Economy Division. Earlier this year, business incubators were asked to submit proposals to receive funding to continue to grow and support startup companies. The chosen incubators have been awarded $5,000 each to support unique programming, off-set costs for operation, or to purchase equipment.

The awarded incubators are the Allen Neighborhood Center, an ag-based incubator located on the Eastside of Lansing, the Technology Innovation Center (TIC), a tech business incubator located in East Lansing, the Fledge, a youth-focused incubator located in downtown Grand Ledge, and the Runway, the State’s first fashion and design incubator located in downtown Lansing. Each have completed a memorandum of understanding to solidify the adoption of best practices in business incubation to ensure long term sustainability.

“Each incubator is unique and offers a plethora of support resources to their tenants. We want to ensure the sustainability of these incubators as they continue on their trajectory for success in creating ideas, jobs, and new wealth for the Lansing region,” said Quin Stinchfield, Business Incubation Manager for LEAP.

“The global Lansing region continues to rapidly build a brand new, entrepreneurial, and business startup culture. This is the number one way to convince younger talent, especially that of Michigan State University, that the Lansing region is the kind of creative, fun metropolitan climate they seek,” said Bob Trezise, President and CEO of LEAP. “Support of our incubators is one key piece to a very big puzzle.”

A press event will be held at the LEAP Offices, 1000 South Washington Avenue, Suite 201 at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, December 22, 2015.


The Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP) is a coalition of area leaders committed to building a prosperous and vibrant region where business can thrive. To do this, we help entrepreneurs start new businesses, help existing businesses grow, and attract new businesses to the region. For more information about LEAP, please visit


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