The Hatching- February ’15 Edition

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Drinks and fashion ruled the Hatching last night at Dublin Square in East Lansing. Five teams pitched business ideas ranging from coffee and beer to renting stylish clothes. There were five great ideas and one winner. 

  • Brew Export
  • Rent Threads
  • The Grand Mug
  • Chameleon
  • The Second Handers

Brew Export-

Shannon Long

Brew Export wants to make it possible to get craft beer not only across the country, but internationally as well. There is a market for American Craft beer in other countries, but most small breweries stay away due to a fear of distribution difficulties. Brew Export seeks to assist in the distribution process and show small brewers just how simple and beneficial it can be to distribute internationally.

Rent Threads-

Chris Creger

Brian Christen

Styles change, seasons change, trends change. Rent Threads thinks it should be easy and affordable to change your wardrobe. By offering clothing for rent, users can get clothes they may only need for a certain amount of time, without the commitment of buying them. From ski-wear to maternity clothes, Rent Threads wants to save you money on style.

The Grand Mug-

Mauro Rosselli

Revoe Fabbri

If you get your coffee from some of the more popular chains like Dunkin Donuts or Biggby, The Grand Mug wants you to know you are most likely drinking dead coffee. The longer it takes to ship, distribute and sell coffee after it’s roasted, the more the freshness diminishes, compromising the taste. The Grand Mug wants to deliver fresh-roasted, delicious coffee right to your door, getting the customer their coffee at the peak of its freshness.


Kaelin Herron

Chameleon offers totally customizable footwear. A four piece shoe, it has a detachable outer and inner sole, body piece, and sheath. This allows for a mix and match look that lets the wearer make their shoe their own.  And, by producing the footwear in Lansing and Detroit, consumers can rest assured that their shoes are not being made in sweatshops under forced labor.

The Second Handers-

Jongseok Lee

Students create a lot of waste. Whether it’s because they are moving, getting new stuff, or simply have too much, they are either going to throw it away, or try to sell it. Instead of creating more waste, The Second Handers want to provide a place for students to sell those items.  While Craigslist and Facebook are popular for this, many students don’t trust Craigslist and have trouble selling their items on Facebook. They provide a trustworthy site where MSU students can sell items such as textbooks, furniture, tickets, and other reusable items.

Congrats to Chameleon for earning the Glory Vote and to Brew Exports for taking home the grand prize of $1,000 and services to help launch their business.

If you have questions for Shannon Long of Brew Exports or want to know more, you can email her.

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