The Hatching- March ’15 Edition

Allison Education, Hatching Recap

Last night’s Hatching was a night of great ideas covering areas from tech to health to charity. With so many great ideas, it’s hard to believe the judges could pick just one winner; but they did.

  • Impulse
  • The Giving Jar
  • Ineed
  • Polyetric
  • Safety Sit


Josh Murray

Impulse wants to offer a better solution for those attempting to attach motors to their longboard and accelerate their travel speed. Rather than selling a longboard with a motor attached, they offer a detachable, mechanical motor that can be attached and reattached to any longboard. In a college town like East Lansing, Impulse says this product could be a wildly popular way to offer efficient and convenient method of travel.


The Giving Jar

Erik Gillespie

Many stores offer the option to give to a particular charity at their checkout, but so far, there are not many options to do so online. The Giving Jar would allow online shoppers the option to round up their purchase and donate to the charity of their choice. The site will then remember your preferences and round up every purchase unless turned off. By allowing users to choose their charity, the Giving Jar hopes to help a number of local, Lansing charities.



Christian Murau

No one wants to waste time running all over town to find a particular product and risk paying too much when something cheaper was located closer to them. Ineed is an app that would allow the user to search for a particular product and then see that product’s location, price and distance from the user. It is a more efficient, online marketplace meant to bridge the gap between the retailer and the consumer.



Lucas Johnson

Polyetric is offering a new twist on the smartwatch. By offering a smart glass display on a regular watch, you can get the features of a smartwatch without sacrificing style. Polyetric wants to design a mechanical watch and then add smart-capabilities, allowing people to continue using their watch as an accessory rather than a phone.


Safety Sit

Franz Narowski

During physical and occupational therapy, many exercises require the patient to be in an upright position that the therapist cannot support on their own. This often results in dangerous, makeshift methods to keep the patient upright. It can be risky both for the patient and therapist and costly for the hospital when they have to have an extra person in the room. Safety Sit is a device that would safely and comfortably support the patient during upright therapy.

Congratulations to this month’s winner, Safety Sit!



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