Ready, Set, Hatch; The Hatch Leads Student Entrepreneurs from Idea to Launch

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Lansing is a great place to start a business because there are 7 (yes, seven!) incubators to help launch your business, no matter the industry.

The startup community in East Lansing understands you are never too young to start a business. The Hatch is a student incubator that offer free space, resources and mentoring to MSU students hoping to launch a business.



What We Should Know:

The Hatch offers an open creative working space for student-entrepreneurs to work on their ventures around like minded people. Students receive 24/7 access to the Hatch for free as well as endowment funding to help fund their venture’s startup costs.

Current Tenants:

There are 200 total member companies, though they are not all currently actively in the Hatch. The Hatch can support 100 active member companies (using the Hatch space and resources).

Ideal Tenant:

The ideal tenans for the Hatch are early stage ventures that are led by MSU students. These companies could be in the idea phase, research & development, or even in beta.

The Hatch focuses on bringing early stage ventures from idea, to beta, to launch.

Rates and What They Get You:

24/7 access to the Hatch and it’s resources are free for current MSU students because of Gerstacker and Forest Akers endowment funds.

Tenants get 24/7 access to The Hatch workspace, Spartan Innovations interns (graphic design, marketing, web design, market research, and legal), updates on upcoming startup events/pitch competitions, and connection with mentors.

What Sets You Apart:

The Hatch is a young incubator that is a part of a new and growing entrepreneurial ecosystem at Michigan State. It’s also special because it is so heavily centered around student entrepreneurs with much emphasis on, and opportunities for, learning how to be an entrepreneur.

Exciting Future:

The Hatch has an exciting future and a massive potential for growth that the MSU entrepreneurial ecosystem has yet to fully realize. Because of the untapped talent, creativity, and available resources it is likely there will be plenty of successful startups launched by MSU students. This is just the beginning and the more momentum the member companies achieve the greater the opportunity will be for the ventures that follow in their footsteps.

Those with questions regarding The Hatch can contact Paul Jaques or call 1 517 884 4548


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