Ready, Set, Cook: Local Food Businesses Sizzle at Incu-Bake

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Lansing is a great place to start a business because there are 7 (yes, seven!) incubators to help launch your business, no matter the industry.

One of those seven is an incubator that can help entrepreneurs achieve their foodie dreams. Located in Holt, Incu-Bake provides a place for clients to create their delicious products, and offers the services and resources it takes to launch their food startup.


July, 2014

Things you should know:

At Incu-Bake, the client comes first, whether they produce 1x a month or several times per week. Incu-bake has a 2,0000 square foot kitchen, a retail space, and an in-house distribution service.


Capacity depends upon scheduling and types of food businesses are here. The kitchen is available 24/7 and 2-3 businesses at a time can be in production

Current Number:

Since 2011, we have helped 80 small businesses earn their licenses. At any one time 15-20 businesses are active. We also typically have several community and miscellaneous cooking events on the calendar.

Ideal Tenant:

A food producer who is committed to all aspects of the process; not only making the food item(s), but also packaging, marketing, and sales. Successful clients are able and willing to listen to advice and accept assistance. They also have to have a lot of energy, creativity, honesty, and be ready to have fun in our kitchen.

Rates and What They Get You:

There are a wide range of rates, depending on type of usage, consistency of scheduling, and time of day. We do offer a free initial consultation during which we calculate the rate dependent of the business’s needs.

Amenities Offered:

  • Licensing prep/walk-throughs for clients and others who will be using other kitchens
  • In-house distribution and advice
  • Retail outlet
  • Multiplication of client social media outreach via Incu-BaKe channels
  • Large quantity ordering
  • Dry, freezer, and cooler storage
  • And so much more

What Sets You Apart?

The retail store and the in-house distributor (RG Distribution), as well as the connections we have built throughout mid-Michigan.

Exciting Aspects:

Our name is getting out there more and more, and I have heard it used many times as a generic term for a kitchen incubator. I hope to help individuals establish their own unique incubator models in other states, grow our list of consistent anchor clients by a few more, and grow overall operations, including co-manufacturing.

Most exciting is our potential to hire several full-time and part-time staff over the coming months.


A special thanks to Marcy Bishop Kates, Owner and Manager, for providing everything you need to know about Incu-Bake.


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