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Lettuce Live Well, founded by a team of Female Founders, strives to be a platform that helps people surpass their fitness, nutrition and spiritual goals. Through programs, education and challenges, they are encouraging Lansing to Eat Healthy and Live Happy.

Their current program, Metro Lansing Loses a Million, encourages community collaboration in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. The challenge urges teams to work together, get up and get moving, eat better and track their progress. With monthly challenges, each team has a chance to show their dedication to a healthy lifestyle.


Kelly Zielinski

Ashley Logan

Denise Loveless

The Problem Being Solved:

When it comes to nutrition, Kelly says, “Some people get taught and some people simply can’t afford it.” Lettuce Live Well wants to create a platform that will give everyone the same access to the same health and nutrition support, for free. “There is a lack of free nutritional support,” says Kelly. That’s the problem they want to solve.

Where the Idea Came From:

Both Kelly and one of her co-founders, Ashley, had done nutritional coaching in the past and wanted to focus on that and reach a larger scale of people.

Exciting Opportunities:

Kelly is excited by the possible growth potential. They already have other cities that want to participate and push the initiative. Though, she worries they could start growing too fast without the proper manpower or funds. “But,” she says, “That’s more exciting than it is a worry.”

Target Customer:

Kelly says naming a target customer is one of the tougher questions for Lettuce Live Well to answer since it’s essentially for everyone. “From low-income individuals transitioning from homelessness to organizations and their CEOs.”

While the organization has a wide range, the Lansing Loses a Million Program is targeted toward those over 14-years-old. “It’s tough to tell kids how to change their habits without a pediatrician or specialist on our side,” says Kelly. Though, partnering with an individual or foundation that can provide that expertise is part of their eventual plan. “In the meantime, we can focus on the parents and hopefully they can help the kids.”

Biggest Challenge:

Kelly says so far they’ve had a really good experience. If there’s been a challenge, it’s been raising funds. “We’ve had donations, but having more would always be helpful. And the more manpower we have, the more we’ll be able to do.”


One of the biggest surprises they’ve encountered, says Kelly, is how many people want help but don’t know where to start. “We assume everyone knows what healthy means, but so many people don’t and need to be taught.”


Lettuce Live Well has had a number of corporate sponsors and donations. They are also dabbling in grants. “We got a small grant for grocery store tours on how to shop healthy on a budget.”

The Future:

Kelly says they would definitely like to be statewide in 3 years and national within five. They have a partner in Utah that is getting ready to launch.


Kelly says, “Just dive in. Just do it. It’s worked for us so far. We didn’t really think of the ramifications, we just jumped in.” She also urges entrepreneurs to ask all the questions they can to whoever is willing to help or listen.


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