Quantum Medical Concepts invests $150,000 in Lansing-based SteriDev, LLC

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We love to share good news about the companies we have featured and the investors doing big things in Lansing! Here’s some news about the SteriDev product, Clean Case. This article originally ran on the Michigan State Medical Society Page. 

Congrats to both companies on a great partnership and amazing future opportunities! 

Surgeons bring mobile devices into the surgical field for two main reasons: to capture media for educating other medical professionals and to use mobile medical applications. Using these non-sterile devices presents a significant infection risk to patients. SteriDev, LLC, a Lansing-based medical device company, supported by $150,000 of pre-seed stage funding from Quantum Medical Concepts, aims to eliminate this risk through the development of CleanCase, a sterile case for mobile devices.

CleanCase is an advanced solution that will allow surgeons to safely use mobile devices in the surgical field. It is built on a combination of established operating room techniques and novel technologies that uses a removable sleeve through which the device is passed. Once the mobile device is secured in the device-specific case, the sleeve is removed, and the case is closed and ready to use.

According to SteriDev CEO Rob Zondervan, “the case is made of rigid plastic which features a touchscreen face and an unobstructed camera window, making the mobile device fully functional, protected, and easy to manipulate through gloved hands.”

Zondervan, a PhD and medical student at Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, came up with the idea when assisting in an operation. “Because the surgical case was unique, the lead surgeon thought we should publish the opperation in a medical journal. I was asked to document the procedure, but was limited from where I could safely take photos. I knew there had to be a better solution, so I began developing a device that allowed the surgeon to be in control of documentation all while keeping the patient safe,” Zondervan said.

The investment from Quantum Medical Concepts will enable CleanCase to enter production. Zondervan explained, “SteriDev is thrilled with our relationship to Quantum. With this investment, we will be able to bring CleanCase to market by early Q1 2016 and into the hands of surgeons faster.”

Quantum Medical Concepts (QMC) is a partnership of the Michigan State Medical Society and Common Wealth Enterprises. Through this partnership, QMC provides early-stage investment funding to Michigan companies in the medical sector. In addition to investing between $50,000 and $150,000 in startup funding in new companies, QMC provides access to more than 15,000 medical professionals, which helps to quickly identify and support medical products and companies that have a high likelihood of success.

“We believe physicians are key to the success of health care delivery, and can play an equally important role in medical innovations,” said Benjamin Louagie, Managing Director of Quantum. “The medical establishment is becoming more open to entrepreneurship. Oftentimes, physicians are the ones coming up with the best new ideas for medical devices or therapeutics. Quantum is always looking for ways to support Michigan physicians and help them better care for their patients.”

SteriDev, LLC is an innovative medical device company based in Lansing, The company’s mission is to develop medical devices that meet the functional demands of surgeons and the safety needs of patients. The company’s first product is CleanCase, a single-use sterile case and method of transfer that safely places mobile devices in the sterile field. CleanCase is differentiated from current offerings on the market by providing technically advanced, device-specific, fully functional cases. For more information, please visit steridev.com.

Quantum Medical Concepts is a partnership of the Michigan State Medical Society and Common Wealth Enterprises. Through this partnership Quantum provides early-stage investment funding to Michigan companies in the medical sector. In addition to investing in startup funding, Quantum provides access to more than 15,000 medical professionals and active management support for our portfolio companies. For more information, please visit quantummedicalconcepts.com.


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