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To some, the onslaught of mobile devices can seem like a never-ending, dark tunnel they are feeling their way through. Especially for businesses struggling to keep up and reach their customers on new and developing platforms. BrightDigit wants to be a glowing guide through that tunnel, leading the way with a flashlight and breadcrumbs. 

Founder Leo Dion has over 15 years of experience on several platforms and can help your business illuminate the steps that will get you where your customers are; mobile. BrightDigit can be your mobile expert and guide, a developer for your startup, or offer access to wearable internet devices.


Leo Dion

The Problem Being Solved

“Essentially,” says Leo, “BrightDigit helps companies who need some expertise in the mobile space.” While a lot of companies have a rough idea that mobile is important, they don’t realize that mobile use is the majority of online use with many people exclusively using their cell phone, tablet, etc.. to get online. “What we do is bring that awareness and expertise to a company that needs help; whether it be programming or just giving advice.”

Exciting Opportunities

Leo sees exciting opportunities with the introduction of the Internet of Things and Wearables. “We’ve long thought that you need a screen in order to be online and it is a real shift to think of watches, beacons, light bulbs, and gps devices as ways to be online,” he says. “There are a lot of opportunities for those of us in technology or design to come up with ways to help people without needing the screen.”

Where the Idea Came From

When Leo saw how companies were struggling to understand how mobile fits with their business, he saw a great opportunity to start a business, something he has always wanted to do.

Target Customer

BrightDigit is targeting mostly small companies that need someone to help with the mobile side of their business.

Biggest Challenge

Leo has found in his biggest challenge in communication, both in quantity and quality. “There are a plethora of venues that you can communicate through,” he says. “And the quality needs to be good enough to provide actual helpful information. I just need to find a reasonable and consistent amount of time to do these things.”

He is facing this challenge through consistency, practice and being realistic about his own availability. “I need to consistently communicate with my audience by whatever means needed, but be realistic about how often that should be.”


“Folks in the tech industry need to constantly remember that, while we are on the cutting edge of technology – others may not be.” Leo has found it’s still important to be proficient at using “offline” forms of communication including direct mail, phone calls and face-to-face networking.


So far, BrightDigit has been bootstrapped.

The Future

In the future, Leo would like to focus more on products for customers that will help with mobile tech, not just services.


Leo urges others to keep a balanced approach. “Reading is good but getting advice from actual people is also important.”  

He also adds that entrepreneurs need to realize they will fail at some point, in some way. “The important thing is to learn from your mistakes.”

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