Clean Case Brings Sterile Technology Into the Operating Room

Here’s a bit of icky trivia; the average mobile device has more germs than a toilet seat. To add to that disturbing thought, it is becoming more and more common for mobile devices to be used during surgical procedures, within the sterile surgical field. Whether for photos and videos needed for academic purposes, or to use sophisticated medical apps, it is a necessary but dangerous practice that compromises the safety of the patient by making them vulnerable to infection. Clean Case, developed by SteriDev, is the solution to this dangerous problem.


Ron Zondervan


Problem Being Solved:

SteriDev has developed Clean Case, a sterile cover meant to seal the unsterile device in a clear, sterile package. The device can still be easily used and the patient remains in a clean and safe environment.

Where the Idea Came From:

Rob had the idea for Clean Case when he was working in a hospital and was asked to take a photo. He was hesitant to reach into the surgical field but the surgeon told him to go ahead. This was when he realized there was a problem that needed to be solved.

Exciting Opportunities:

The increased use of mobile devices, and the opportunities that presents is exciting to Rob.  The apps and tools being developed are sophisticated tools that will continue to assist surgeons. But, this increases the problem of devices in the surgical field.

Target Customer:

SteriDev will market the product toward surgeons as they tend to drive many of the purchasing decisions that hospitals make. They will begin by targeting academic hospitals as that’s where most of the photos and videos are being taken.

Biggest Challenge:

The biggest foreseeable challenge for Rob will be gaining FDA approval. They have not begun this process yet but will once they have a prototype.


It’s surprising to Rob that surgeons continue to bring these devices into the surgical field even though they know the risks. But, since there is no solution at the moment, they have to continue to do it.


Rob is hoping to bootstrap the project as much as possible but has reached out to Spartan Innovations and has many parties interested in investing. They also won $1,000 in the most recent Hatching competition (link to Hatching Overview)

The Future:

Rob hopes to be the company allowing sophisticated medical apps to be used in the surgical field. He would also like to eventually expand to other devices such as GoPros, booms and other audio visual equipment needed to create educational resources.


Rob urges other entrepreneurs to put their ideas out there. “Don’t keep your ideas to yourself, share them, get feedback. Talk to the market you are trying to target.” He says the most helpful thing SteriDev has done is talk to their target market, surgeons.




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