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Your GoPro goes with you wherever your adventures take you, that includes into water or through the rain. While you may be able to safely dunk your camera because of it’s waterproof case, this protection can’t guarantee your pictures will turn out and you still run the risk they will be ruined by a stray water spot.

January Hatching winners, Jason Lees and Austin Piwinski ran into this problem. They also found a solution. Now, GoSpot can guarantee your footage looks great, every time. Just wipe on GoSpot and say goodbye to water spots.


Jason Lees

Austin Piwinski.

The Problem Being Solved

Our product solves the problem of ruined GoPro footage by preventing water spots from staining the lens.

Exciting Opportunities

With GoPro selling over 15.5 million cameras last year, Jason and the team are excited about their opportunities. “There are millions of potential customers we can help.”

Where the Idea Came From

Jason and Austin met on a Spring Break trip in 2014 where they would often try to get footage on the 3 GoPros they were using. Going to back to review the footage, though, they would often find it ruined by water. When they turned to the internet for solutions they were told to lick their lens. “We refused to do that,” says Jason. “We didn’t know what had happened in that water.” 6 months later, Austin brought the idea of a product that would prevent those spots to Jason. It took some hassling from Jason to move things forward as Austin was busy with other ventures. But when Jason told him he was going to do it without him, they were off.

Target Customer

GoSpot is for those who are into watersports and going to the beach, specifically the ages of 13-30 because those are the folks who are on social media. “Our product allows you to capture clear footage and we want people to share their experiences with the world.”

Biggest Challenge

The GoSpot crew has been challenged by the task of finding resources that won’t break the bank. “Being college students, we don’t have a lot of upfront cash to throw at GoSpot. We have had to spend hours of research and digging to find a company that can provide what we need at a reasonable price.” To find these resources they’ve turned to Spartan Innovations. ” They love our idea and are happy to help us out in giving us guidance, and the contacts to do everything we need. We are very grateful for the opportunity to work with them.”


In developing this product, Jason and Austin have been surprised at how many GoPro accessories are out there that allow users to capture footage in water. “But,” says Jason, “They still get water spots.”


GoSpot attempted a Kickstarter campaign and while they did not meet their goal, Jason says they learned a lot through the experience. They would be open to launching another in the future but for now, Spartan Innovations is helping them get the funds for certain startup costs, like a website.

The Future

In one year, Jason says they hope to have a final, packaged product that their customers can use. In 3 to 5 years, they are looking to produce a solid fan base and widen their area of lens cleaning products.


Jason wants others to realize the reality of being a student entrepreneur. “Be prepared for hard work and dedication, the money doesn’t just fall into your lap. You can’t always go to events with your friends because you have things that need to be completed for your business.”

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