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From social media and blogging, to content creation and website development, knowing where to start when it comes to marketing your small business can be overwhelming. Klimb Creative takes a look at the big picture and ties all your marketing initiatives together so they compliment one another. Katie Saglimbene, the founder, acts in place of a full-time marketing firms and provides small businesses with marketing and website solutions.

The Problem Being Solved

For small businesses that are big enough to require marketing help, but small enough that they can’t hire an agency or full-time coordinator, that gap can be costly and may result in lost opportunities. Klimb Creative fills that gap, serving as a marketing coordinator for small businesses.

Where the Idea Came From

For over six years, Katie worked for a small business. She had the opportunity to help build their marketing department and found the experience very rewarding. While she enjoyed her work, her passion for startups and small businesses left her wanting to do something more. “The more I talked with small businesses within the Greater Lansing area, the more I realized that they wanted to take their business to the next step in their marketing efforts, but didn’t know how, or how to make it work financially.”

The more she thought about trying to help businesses ease into building their inbound marketing efforts one step at a time, the more excited she became. “So, I took a leap of faith and started chasing the idea.”

Exciting Opportunities

“It’s amazing to see the impact that small businesses have on our community,” says Katie. She sees many opportunities for business growth in Lansing and it’s her goal to help those businesses hit the ground running and turn their brand into something great.

Target Customers

Small businesses (25 people or less)

Biggest Challenge

Katie has discovered that one of the biggest challenges of running a business out of her home is the solitude. “I love working with others and being in community. For over six years, I worked daily with other people. It’s a different change of pace.” To counteract this, she spits her time between working in the client’s office, coffee shops and home. “Working where the clients do allows me to build a stronger relationship with my client, experience the daily routine within their office and have personal interactions with their staff.”

She also hit some bumps when it came to the task of running her business. As a part of a bigger network, Katie never needed to know the logistics of building a business. “Thankfully I have a strong network of professionals, and many of us are in the same boat as small business owners. I’ve surrounded myself with amazing people who have given me great advice and supported me from day one. I’ve also utilized resources here in Lansing like the Small Business Development Center.”


Katie has been surprised at the networks in the area. “Everyone knows everyone,” she says, “especially in Lansing! And referrals are still a very strong way to build a business and your connections.”

The Future

Katie, like most business owners, had big plans for Klimb Creative. “I’d like to see Klimb Creative have a strong name recognition in the Lansing business community.”

She would also like to devote time to volunteering for nonprofits and sharing the things she’s learned through an intern program.

And, while she would like to grow and in a few years bring on a few full-time employees, her goal is to keep her small business small.


“If you don’t love what you do,” says Katie, “it’s time to take a step back and look at the big picture. We spend too much time working for us not to enjoy it!”

She encourages others to do what she did and take a leap of faith towards doing what you love. “That leap may be all you need to under into your next best adventure.”

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