Classic Meets Modern With Legacy Shave’s Innovative Shaving System

Legacy Shave won July’s Hatching by introducing a product that appealed to the entire audience.

Brothers Dave and Mike Gutow understand the struggles both men and women face when completing the necessary yet bothersome task of shaving. Their product aims to remove the bother and make shaving fun again. 


Sibling Team Dave and Mike Gutow

The Problem Being Solved:

There are a lot of problems surrounding the task of shaving; it’s messy, it’s a hassle, the shaving cream drips down the drain along with your pennies, and it can be painful (Can you say razor burn? Ouch!). It’s just not fun.

Legacy Shave wants to change all that.

Where the Idea Came From:

Legacy Shave

Legacy Shave gives a demonstration during The Hatching

While the Badger Brush shaving method of years past offered a clean, less painful way to deliver a smooth shave, it also took a lot of time. While Dave and Mike got a kick out of the old school method, they understand why it faded out; time. Today, no one has time to create that smooth barber shop shave. So, says Dave, “We decided to fit the brush onto an attachment that will fit any shaving cream can, saving time yet giving the best possible shave.”

Exciting Opportunities:

Dave and Mike are excited that their product can be used by everyone.  “Men and women all need to shave and we can help give a better shave and make shaving fun again.”

Target Customer:

Mike and Dave want to target both men and women who not only will use the product but want to buy it as gifts.

Biggest Challenge:

Legacy Shave has faced their biggest challenge in putting together all the pieces it takes to start a company says Dave. “Meetings with lawyers,  patents, website, packaging, prototypes…it all takes a lot of time.”

While it takes a lot, it’s easier since Mike jumped all the way in by leaving his full-time job to help Legacy Shave take off.


The brothers were surprised to find out just how much people really dislike shaving. “Our research has showed that 15% refuse to even shave due to the discomfort that it brings,” says Dave.


The company has been entirely bootstrapped so far (until their Hatching victory!).

The Future:

Over the next five years, Legacy Shave wants to stretch their legs. In the next year they to be sold in most retailers nationwide. In three years,  they would like to break the national barrier and in five years become a globally sold product.


Dave urges other entrepreneurs to, “just take that first step.  It’s like a marathon. You can sit on your couch and say you want to do a marathon or you can get up and start training for it. But it all starts with that first step.”

To learn more about Legacy Shave and relive their Hatching pitch, watch their video.


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