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John Mohyi wants to solve all the problems.

Mohyi Labs, his product development company, is his way of doing that. With so many ideas and so little time, John picks the projects he feels others would benefit from the most and, with his team, works on developing them.

From drones to dishwashers, “Mohyi Labs is more or less about pursuing a passion.” John considers himself lucky that his passion for solving problems is one that attracts others that want to solve problems and do things that haven’t been done before. “We are explorers trying to challenge the impossible.”

While Mohyi Labs has multiple projects in the works, their current primary focus is NextGen consumer drone technology. They are focused on developing a bladeless drone that will replace the current multi-rotor models. By replacing the rotors with a propulsion system, they can open up new opportunities in the industry.

There is so much potential behind drone technology, but as the design currently stands, the multiple blades make them too dangerous to release into commercial airspace. “They are basically flying bricks with razor blades.” If drone technology is released too early, before the dangers of the design are completely understood, John is afraid it could ruin the industry for the long-term. If done right, the technology could change the way we do things. “But not before it’s ready,” says John. “There are a lot of opportunities, but we have to be responsible.”

He wants people to see the product for what it is, “It’s not a toy, it will be a serious, functional tool.”

John has always had an interest in helicopters. He always wanted to own one until he realized how unrealistic that was and how scary the blades were. So, he decided he wanted something a lot cooler than that. His plan to build one started in High School. His interest led to a discovery of propulsion systems, and from there he taught himself how to 3D print, leading to multiple generations of his product.

John’s product is designed to be scalable. It’s target user would be the commercial industry with room for growth, eventually, into a passenger version that would be able to navigate itself. But, before that, he plans to market to logistics companies like Amazon. They can depend on him for the design and then modify the product to fit their individual needs. Offering completely customizable drones to businesses is the eventual plan.

“We want to develop a way to get multiple individuals involved in the platform.” Mohyi Labs would provide the system but also multiple hardware and software options that will allow a company to make the drone work for them. Whether it’s for surveillance, window washing, or delivery services, the company will be able to pick the add-ons that fit their needs. “We’re not just developing a drone. We want to get an entire eco-system behind it.”

While this is all still being developed, John has high hopes for both his product and the industry. “It’s still an emerging industry, but I see a potential for growth.” Some companies seem to be limiting themselves to the technology that already exists but being able to see past that is what John says gives his company the advantage.

Even though the process has proved harder than he anticipated, “Airflow is very complex, as it turns out,” John is excited to keep moving forward. “We’re doing something that’s never ever been done, so we need to rethink things and get a better understanding.” But, for John it’s all worth it when you get that “A-ha” moment, “where the right puzzle piece falls in and the picture presents itself and shows you the problem.”

The drone may still be in the development process, but John has many other irons in the fire. One of those irons, a dishwasher that uses his knowledge of airflow to combine a dishwasher and sink, was accepted as a finalist in the Greenlight Business Model Competition. John will present the project at the competition on March 31st, where he will be eligible to win up to $50,000 in prizes.

Another product includes a multi-use syringe holder that would help keep track of and manage the inventory of syringes used by clinics and doctors’ offices.  “It’s a simple idea, but something no one has really looked at yet.”

John may have big plans for his products in the future, but his plans for himself are even larger. “I want to get more patents than Thomas Edison.”

It seems John has plans to change the world one product at a time and if he continues at his current rate, he’s well on his way.

“I want to create a future where we have the technologies we are only dreaming of right now.”

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