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Technology is always advancing, every second of every day, and will continue to do so. Unfortunately, it is advancing so fast that many people can’t keep up with the learning curve. We all have grandparents or parents who need help completing everyday tasks on a computer or tablet. The team at Polyetric thinks using technology should be simple no matter who you are. 

They’ve taken the relatively unchanged design of a computer and redesigned it to make it simpler and easier to use. By replacing a physical keyboard with a full sized touch screen, commands would no longer be the combination of buttons, but rather a custom button that was specific to the function.  Thus, a more intuitive interface on a laptop.


Lucas Johnson- CEO

Jacob Johnson- CDO

Mykola Mishchenko- COO

The Problem Being Solved:

The team at Polyetric recognizes that while technology is something we all now use every day, there are still those that struggle with everyday tasks on computers, tablets or phones. “We are making technology more intuitive and easier to use for everyone.”

Where the Idea Came From:

As technology continues to advance, there are certain demographics that get left farther and farther behind with each new advancement. Lucas and the team all had family members who would constantly ask for help using their computers, whether the task was simple or complicated.

Their goal eventually became to make it easier for everyone to not only use computers, but understand them as well. So, they decided to tackle the design of the computer.

Exciting Opportunities:

It’s exciting to Lucas to look past the design of typical computers to completely update the way people interact with their laptops.

“We are adding a touch of modern design and some fantastic software to get rid of the keyboard and make two beautiful displays.”

Looking at the recent trends in tablet sales, they are confident that implementing a more tablet-like design will help both it’s popularity and its functionality as it seems that tablets are slowly replacing PC’s.

Target Customer:

“Our target consumer is anyone who wants to use a computer without getting confused or having to ask someone how to use a specific application.”

Biggest Challenge:

Like many other businesses in the tech industry, their biggest challenge has been finding talented developers.  In such a competitive world for finding the best employee, one has to be able to offer a competitive salary. While still in their beginning stages, it’s important to them to be able to find developers who believe in their idea more than making an income. They are focusing on working with them on a task-by-task basis, utilizing freelance and contract employees.


“You have to learn to adjust how you introduce your company based on who you are talking about,” says Lucas regarding surprises he’s encountered in the industry. Customers are more concerned that a products works, rather than how but techies are more interested in the way the product works.


“We have generated around $10,000 to date,” says Lucas. While this money has mostly been awards from establishments, they are planning to begin raising funding soon.  “Perhaps Kickstarter is in our future.”

The Future:

In the next year, Polyetric hopes to grow their team and work on releasing their first product.

“In three years, we will working as hard as we can to keep products coming.”


“As a young entrepreneur myself, my only advice is to make things happen. Whether it be networking or prototyping, just do it.”

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