I Tot Rhythm Brings Music and Movement Back Into Education

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September’s Hatching broke a lot of records, including hosting the first ever singing presentation. That presentation was put on by Kendra LaPointe and her family, representing I Tot Rhythm.

I Tot Rhythm is an interactive, musical/education program where children sing, play and learn. Through fun songs about letters, counting, our senses and more, Kendra hopes to help kids in pre-school, daycare, and possibly elementary settings learn through song.


Kendra Lapointe

Problem Being Solved:

While education through music and movement is a great way to set students up for success later in life, music education is being cut from or significantly downgraded in our schools. With both parents in musical education, and kids of her own, Kendra knows just how important it is for kids from 6 months to 5 years to participate in musical education, “They need to experience it when they are young enough for it to be a life long part of who they are.”

Kendra wants to fill the gap that is appearing in the educational system.

Where the Idea Came From:

When Kendra and her family were on vacation, they spent some time at a museum, where a married couple did a program with the kids. The program was a combination sing-a-long, educational program. The kids really enjoyed it and while she was watching Kendra was sure she could do the same thing. The whole way home from their trip Kendra and her husband brainstormed on how they could make it work in Lansing.

Exciting Opportunities

Kendra is excited because she doesn’t see anyone else meeting this need in the area. The only thing that comes close is TV, but she says, “It’s just not the same as a live, interactive program.” She’s looking forward to starting something that doesn’t exist yet and could grow into a whole new industry.

“The only thing that worries me is, if this takes off, there won’t be enough of me to go around.” She’s already been told she should think about franchising, and, she says, “That’s exciting and scary at the same time.”

Biggest Challenge:

The biggest challenge Kendra has faced is the fact that she will have to create something from nothing. When she sold Mary Kay, there was a jumping off point, a program already created. But with this, it’s all up to Kendra.


When putting the idea out there, Kendra was surprised to find out how many daycare owners or in home childcare owners loved the idea and immediately told Kendra to put them on the list. They were very willing to do whatever it took to implement a program in their facilities.


While they don’t need a lot, I Tot Rhythm is seeking funding for basic supplies. To do this they are looking to crowdfunding, and backers.

The Future:

In one year, Kendra would like to have a fully booked schedule and make sure kids are getting programming on a consistent basis. In three years, she would like to hire more people and be able to spread out. In five years she says, “Maybe we can open the franchise. Let’s think big.”

Kendra has already heard from an elementary school, a market she wasn’t planning on getting into right away, wondering when they could book her. “Clearly,” she says, “There is need.”


Kendra wants to make sure that you entrepreneurs just because something seems impossible doesn’t mean it is. “You need to be ready to fail and learn every time something doesn’t work. It’s ok to make mistakes.” She also adds to, “Talk to people who have already done something, have a mentor.”


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