Meet and mix with other developers every Tuesday.

Tuesdays are Dev Days.

The Meetups

1st Tuesday - Dev Ops

The future of the software world lies in the co-operation of development, quality assurance and operations. Delivering top-notch products quickly requires integration and co-operation -- no more silos.
This group is for people who share that vision. We wanted to create a Meetup for like-minded folks to share ideas, complain, layout plans and vision for the future, and generally enjoy great company.

2nd Tuesday - Ruby

Ruby is a fun, expressive language that's delightful to code. Rails, one of it's most popular frameworks, is great for prototyping. Come, see what people are doing with Ruby in Lansing!

3rd Tuesday - Javascript

Jquery. Angular. Ember. Node. D3. Javascript is one of the most ubiquitous languages on the web. Come to hone your skills and follow what's going on with the language, it's frameworks, and see what people are doing with it.

4th Tuesday - Agile

Improve the performance of your team and your projects. This meetup targets professional developers and professional teams, looking to learn and implement agile best practices.

The Location

The Technology Innovation Center
325 East Grand River Avenue, Room 300
East Lansing, MI 48823

Curious about other tech meetups?

You can find a list of other tech meetups from around the region (and there are many!) on our Event Calendar. Or, if you're lazy, get them delivered right to your inbox each week. You can also follow @LansingTechTues on Twitter!