The Female Founders of Startup Lansing

As May comes to a close, Startup  Lansing wants to take one more chance to celebrate all the amazing Female Founders that are building and growing startups right here in Lansing.

Over the last year, we’ve covered a number of fantastic female founders, and we’ve got them all right here.

Lettuce Live Well

Lettuce Live Well, founded by a team of Female Founders, strives to be a platform that helps people surpass their fitness, nutrition and spiritual goals. Through programs, education and challenges, they are encouraging Lansing to Eat Healthy and Live Happy.

Huntress Heaven

Young entrepreneur, female founder and winner of the Lansing Youth Startup Challenge, Samantha White has a lot going for her, including a startup aimed at feeding the passions of women hunters. From a camo clothing line to a blog that will connect, share and teach, Huntress Heaven aims to promote a lifestyle and connect those living it.

Brew Export

Brew Export, February’s Hatching winner, wants to help local, craft brewers take their product across the globe. Imagine sitting down at a bar in Singapore on a business trip and being able to order a Founder’s beer. A little taste of home, right there in your hand. Right now, brewers are hesitant to tap into the international market, fearing steep prices and high difficulty. Shannon Long wants to show them it doesn’t have to be hard.

By assisting with international marketing, logistics, export compliance, and distribution management, Brew Export gives small brewers the chance to make a big impact around the world.

Ashlee Willis Floral Decor

Floral arrangements can be a beautiful addition to a wedding, can bring extra flair to a mundane event and can brighten up any home, but they can also be very expensive. Ashlee Willis of Ashlee Willis Floral Decor wants to give people the opportunity to brighten up their events and homes in style without paying big bucks.

Tiny Human

Clothing can help us look and feel our best, and even though they are small, Tiny Humans deserve to feel like this as well. Tiny Human Apparel offers fun onesies, shirts and bibs for the tiniest humans in our lives.

Located in The Runway, Allie Siarto offers a quirky line of clothing perfect for showers and as “welcome to the world” gifts.

Our Own

Men and women work hard to pursue their passions everyday. Whether they are in physically demanding jobs, pursue active hobbies, or face mental and emotional stress on a daily basis, perspiration should not interfere. Though, sometimes, even high powered deodorant isn’t enough to save the clothes or uniforms of the hard-working individual; some careers demand more protection.

Lauren Aitch’s “Our Own” brand of performance undergarments have an extra panel of breathable material, catered to where men and women need it most. Available in different styles to fit a wide multitude of careers and hobbies, “Our Own” products can easily cater to the needs of the individual.

Just Ask

From picking up dry cleaning for busy professionals, to helping a terminal patient’s family with day-to-day tasks, Just Ask provides basic concierge services along with peace of mind.

The range of tasks performed by Just Ask founder Rita Vogel covers all manner of convenience. Through Just Ask, Rita gets the opportunity to do what she loves most, helping others.

I Tot Rhythm

I Tot Rhythm is an interactive, musical/education program where children sing, play and learn. Through fun songs about letters, counting, our senses and more, Kendra Lapointe hopes to help kids in pre-school, daycare, and possibly elementary settings learn through song.

What’s Mapnin

What’s Mapnin’ is an interactive experience that gives users a whole new way to see what’s happening in Lansing. Online or in print, the map is retro and unique. Through the website users can click, scroll and zoom, learning all about their favorite Lansing businesses and getting deals and discounts to those places.

Go Green Trikes

Yvonne LeFave loves all things green. She also loves looking at problems differently and finding ways to address them creatively. Go Green Trikes, a green delivery service that uses electric assist trikes for transportation, is the result of this combination.

Deliveries are performed by two vehicles; the Truck Trike and the Elf. The Truck Trike is their main vehicle and can hold about 600 pounds while the ELF is a covered trike with an electric assist motor charged by solar panels.


Folyo is a social, e-commerce platform that connects student artists to those interested in buying their work. The creators want to make the process of buying and selling art simple, fun and social.

For artists, they want to take the guesswork out of marketing themselves and their work. For buyers, they want to make the process of purchasing art fun and informative.


Lansing’s newest Maker Space is aimed at a slightly different crowd than it’s counterparts. In fact, its audience can’t drive themselves to the space, or in some cases, even cross the street by themselves.

The Mini Maker Space is a space for kids. It’s somewhere they can come to Imagine, Develop, and Build. At an age where they want to create and let their imaginations flow, there aren’t a lot of spaces that encourage them to do so. So many educational environments focus on the future, Melissa Allen and those at the Mini Maker Space want to focus on the now.




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