Bubble Soccer Detroit Brings Internet Hit to Lansing

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A recent internet phenomenon, Bubble Soccer is just what it sounds like; soccer played in a bubble. If it’s a little hard to picture, local student startup, and our Startup Spotlight, Bubble Soccer Detroit, can help you out. While playing in your plastic bubble, you try to score on the other team while doing all you can to knock them over.

The immediate success of Bubble Soccer Detroit, based here in Lansing and serving the entire state of Michigan, is an indicator of just how popular the sport has become. The company rents out all the equipment you need to play this popular event with your friends or coworkers. Founded only 6 months ago, the company has booming sales and numerous bookings.


Damon Grace- MSU

Luke Andrews- Western Michigan

The Problem Being Solved

Despite its popularity, there are very few Bubble Soccer rental companies in the U.S. A ton of people love it, but not many get the chance to play. Bubble Soccer Detroit is trying to fix that. “We are trying to let everyone play this fun and addicting game.”

Exciting Opportunities

The team is excited to bring Bubble Soccer to the masses since, at the moment, there are very few competitors.

Where the Idea Came From

Damon decided to start the company when he, like many others, discovered Bubble Soccer online. He looked up rental companies, didn’t find any, so he started the company.

Target Customer

Bubble Soccer is fun for all ages, therefore their target market covers a wide demographic. They rent for corporate outings, kids’ birthdays, youth groups, graduation parties and more. “We cater to all ages and everyone can play.”

Biggest Challenge

The Bubble Soccer team has been focusing on getting the word out. Once people play, they love it, but they need to know it exists first. They also get a lot of interest from parents and those who happen to observe the game. So, they are focusing on letting people know they are in business through Facebook, Twitter and word of mouth.


Damon was surprised by the amount of “hidden costs” you face when starting a business. “They can add up,” he says, “and you need to make sure to plan ahead for them otherwise it (the business) could fail.”


Bubble Soccer got its start with a grant from Spartan Innovations and the Hatch. That funded a lot of their startup costs and so far they haven’t needed to raise any money. They are planning a Kickstarter for when they decide to launch nationally.

The Future

Damon sees some growth in the very near future. He would like to grow nationally in the next year and “I want to have rental businesses and operations in all 50 states within 3 years, and have tournament, leagues, and drop in games with partnered facilities nationally.”


“Just find an idea you believe in, and go.”


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